Simply buy reading time credits and read inside contents of all connected publishers!

Pay Per Read is an app-based micropayment system for premium content. No matter whether professional articles, video or expert chat, all paid web content can be used with the same reading time credits.

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Costs for single purchases of content are often a major obstacle in the search for literature

The interest in professional literature fails in front of the Paywall

Often, users are looking for specific information, but they find no suitable content in the magacines they have subscribed to.

When searching the net, however, they quickly hit the payment barrier for retrieving an individual content.

Users ask themselves the question: "Shall I really spend 30 € for the purchase of a single article, although I know only titles and abstract?"


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PPR reading-time credits allows immediate access to literature across all publishers and websites

Pay Per Read gives instant access to content from all participating publishers

They do not have to sign a subscription or purchase the content to view it. They pay only for access to content, as long as they look at it. As with a prepaid cell phone, they acquire a time credits for the use of all Pay Per Read contents.


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Just load the PPR-Viewer with reading-time and use it to read literature that interests you

Cost examples of Pay Per Read

Watching a picture in an article

1.2 minutes: 0.34 €

Read the discussion of a specialist article

5.5 minutes: 1.53 €

Read a whole article *

23.6 minutes: 6,65 €

* Average reading time for a specialist article for medical practitioners (Tenopir et al., 2011)