The Powerfull Content Recommendation Engine "Relevancer"


With "Relevancer", you are able to build up anonymous customer profiles and match them to your publisher content. The machine-working marketing tool automatically adapts itself to the reading behavior of the customer and constantly improves its efficiency.


Optimal product placement through dynamic customer profiles.


Organic integration of your content into topic-related newsletters.


Targeted marketing instead of scattered advertising campaigns.


Versatile use, thanks to a large news portfolio.


Independent observation of user behavior via newsletterservice and content retrievals.


Our web crawlers have been busy watching web pages, reading messages, and memorizing the semantic connections of all this information. This enables us to identify relevant relationships for your customers or to find information that has long since disappeared.

But this is only one side! Whenever their customers use the [j]search, read content, or open an article from our machine-edited newsletters, an anonymous customer profile is created and tracked in the background.