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How to provide content with Pay Per Read

PPR Liferay Publisher-Suites

The combination  of PPR and Liferay-Portal allows a multi-client use of the PPR payment system out of the box. A website (so-called suite) is created in the Liferay portal for each publisher participating in PPR. 

The publisher is the operator of the suite and the contractual partner of the reading customer. Users of PPR can either log on to a publishers suite with their central PPR acount. Or user connect their central PPR account with an existing account of the publisher. Basically, all suites are fully adjustable to the customer's CD / CI.

Administration of Users and PPR Credits

The publisher's suite can be used as a stand-alone distribution channel for digital content and enables direct sales of reading time to customers; At least, however, it is used to administer user accounts by the operator, the organisation or the publisher.

Suites can be optionally linked via API to the user management of the publishing house or the organisation. A further option is the transmission of read-time purchases from the shopping cart of the original publishing infrastructure, which leads to a credit of reading time in the suite and the content of the publisher. 

Setting Content for PPR

  • Upload via file-manager:

You can upload your content via the platform software "file manager". The file manager allows you to edit the metadata of your content and to set rights and persmissions. Every content will be indexed in our search engine. 

  • Interface:

You can provide content via an interface between the publishers repository and the PPR search index.

Every content that has been uploaded or been provided via interface can be used directly in the publishers site on the liferay platform. Furthermore, it will get a "ppr link" that can be implemented on any other website. Clicking on this link will start the ppr-viewer and accounting of reading time.